Омг сайт в тор браузере зеркало


Уважаемые пользователи RuTOR , Все сайты из нашего списка проверены и находятся онлайн, их нет в скам листах. Остерегайтесь фишинг сайтов и помните об уголовной ответственности за незаконные сделки. Подборка официальных сайтов по продаже веществ от форума Rutor носит исключительно информативный характер.


Эта площадка существует довольно давно и в этот период она медленно развивалась в тени гидры. В настоящее время это ведущий сайт по продаже веществ в даркнете.



Благодаря хорошей подготовке и листингу на зарубежных сайтах площадка смогла составить конкуренцию в стабильности и доступности, чего не смогли ее конкуренты, но все же она уступает по полпулярности площадке OMG!OMG!


3. HYDRA - Возрождение легенды.

Идут работы по восстановлению всеми любимой гидры, но все не так просто как казалось ранее, совсем скоро она будет доступна, а сейчас нам остается только ждать релиза от команды HYDRA.


RUTOR — Главная торговая и информационная площадка в сети Tor.



Омг сайт в тор браузере зеркало
Omg telegram канал официальный сайтYbiganeСтатус пользователя "проверенный" говорит о ссылка том, что селлер прошел проверку своих товаров или услуг у Администрации rampcenter Даркнета. На Нашем форуме сайт можно встретить Журналистов, Блогеров, Общественных деятелей, Работников правительственных организаций, Банковских работников, Хакеров всех мастей и других одиозных личностей. Подробнее о системе…


Продвинутый юзер
Covid-19 closes the library’s doors…All ten of Lambeth’s libraries were shut down on 21st March 2020 in line with government recommendations on social distancing to counter the spread of COVID-19 and, specifically, because of the clear danger to both the general public and library staff from the maintenance of the onsite service.At the time of writing this annual report there was no immediate prospect of a resumption of all core services to the general public. The Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library look forward to our much loved and valued local library re-opening its doors once the epidemic has abated to safe levels to continue to serve the multiple needs of our diverse community.… after a year of consolidationPrior to the shutdown Tate South Lambeth Library had been showing further progress in developing its programmes of activities and facilities.That progress included:New flooring for the children’s section (replacing the worn-out carpet there)A Portuguese-language reading machine for people with impaired vision or dyslexiaNew shelving in the first reading roomNew activities supported by volunteers included monthly Portuguese conversation classes for beginners, and baby-and-toddler sessions for Japanese-speaking parents and children.What Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library have done in the past yearIn the past twelve months Friends have put on talks and events at the library, covering a wide range of topics, many of them of particular relevance to the local area and the local community.Here’s the list:20th May 2019 Family Business: A Memoir by Peter Conradi – the authorised biographer of Iris Murdoch and prolific writer and broadcaster talked about his autobiography.15th June The Friends annual sale of books donated by local people, with all proceeds going to the library.2nd September Samuel Johnson and the Lambeth Mysteries – Ross Davies from vauxhallhistory.org traced Samuel Johnson’s connections with Lambeth. The talk was preceded by a guided walk led by David E. Coke through the site of Vauxhall Gardens.2nd October The Age of Stupid – A screening of the famous documentary in partnership with the No Planet B Film Club.23rd October Vauxhall Tide: Conversations and Creativity Local residents presented and talked about the banner they had created reflecting their lives and histories (The banner remains on display at the library).13th November Mixed-Race Relationships: A Personal Account– the author Sylvia Vetta explored the dilemmas of identity in mixed-race relationships.15th November Wall-E – a screening of the Disney Pixar film, in partnership with the No Planet B Film Club.26th November SW8: The Movie – local resident Andrew Rogers presented a look at our neighbourhood through the lens of cinema and television.30th November Christmas Craft Market – an opportunity to buy Christmas gifts and decorations produced by local people. Proceeds of the stall rentals went to the library.7th December Christmas Carol Concert by the Kennington Community Choir.22nd January 2020 Kimpa Vita – a documentary recounting the previously untold story of the “Mother of the African Revolution, presented by its producer Ne Kunda Nlaba.15th February 2020 Friends LGBT Fair – a day of arts, crafts, books, zines plus a rainbow cup cake competition and drag queen story time.End February onwards I am London – an exhibition of watercolours of London scenes by Anthony Mark Peters.Friends have maintained their contribution to the library’s resources. Donations from members and the proceeds from book sales and our craft fair have paid for the film screening licence for the Movie Matinees held on Tuesdays in autumn and winter, a rug for the children’s area, a large, mobile, television screen, and food and refreshments for children’s parties.We have added to the stock of magazines – as an organisation through a subscription to The Week and as individuals donating copies of The Economist, New Statesman, Spectator, London Review of Books and Private Eye (among others).The gardening group has held Open Garden sessions in Tradescant’s Retreat (the courtyard garden at the rear of the library) on the second Saturday of each month during the summer period. People could sit down (sheltered by a gazebo), read, meet the volunteers who tend the garden and share seeds.Meanwhile, in the hope of influencing the shape and direction of overall library policy and specifically how it affects our library, two members of the committee of Friends of Tate South Lambeth Library have joined delegates from other friends groups at Lambeth libraries in regular meetings with Council officers, the head of the library service and the cabinet member with the libraries portfolio.In addition Friends have participated in the public library forum, where library managers report on their programmes and activities and local people present questions, challenges and proposals. Friends publicise these events in our newsletter and on our website and report the main conclusions. However, the last 12 months have seen only such forum – in June 2019 – as that scheduled for March 2020 fell victim to the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic.We say thanksThis is our chance to thank:The staff of Tate South Lambeth Library for making this library a uniquely warm and welcoming place, serving all our diverse local community. We continued to cooperate happily with staff in events and activities put on by the library and also by Friends.All local donors – individuals and organisations -who provided funds, books, magazines, plants, tools, wool, and food for children’s activities.All our speakers, craftspeople and artists.All the local community groups, bloggers, tenants and residents associations. .and local media who help promote our activities.All those individuals who have topped up their annual subscriptions.And, last but not least, all the Friends who have contributed time, ideas and stamina to maintain our programme.A final reminderWe are always eager to bring new members onto our committee, even in a limited role. Most members of the committee have now been in post for many years, so we’d welcome new people to shake us up. If you are interested, please contact [email protected] is the payments and receipts account for the period 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020.IncomeExpensesOpening Balance as at 1/4/192,166.18 Membership fees & donations217.94Running costs – p/c 26.99Other donations:Web and ICT Maintenance and Updates 119.98Stockwell Festival Stall hire 25.00Knitting group25.00Children’s Library Carpet 196.19Summer Reading Challenge 56.53Refreshments for events 197.48Film screen licence and microphone cables 56.86Book sales + raffles271.95The Week magazine subscription 129.50LGBT fair- stall rental+donations174.16Plants for Jana Hale remembrance 30.45Market-stall rental + raffle177.33Public liability insurance 127.30total866.38total1,066.28    Closing bank balance as at 31 March 20201,966.28NotesPaypal membership fees for 2019/20 – £509.32 transferred on 28/4/20Delayed payments – technical difficulties – £168.63 transferred on 6/5/20With adjustments for items 1 and 2, the bank account stands at £2,644.23.  
Омг сайт в тор браузере зеркало


{"id":2121,"url":"\/distributions\/2121\/click?bit=1&hash=c729442271aec384715ceaf20517bb8fa0166ebf92af2882be94c77e61bf0e3b","title":"\u041a\u0430\u043a\u0443\u044e \u0440\u0435\u043a\u043b\u0430\u043c\u0443 \u043c\u043e\u0436\u043d\u043e \u0434\u0430\u0442\u044c \u043d\u0430 TJ \u0438 \u043a\u0442\u043e \u0435\u0451 \u0443\u0432\u0438\u0434\u0438\u0442","buttonText":"\u0423\u0437\u043d\u0430\u0442\u044c","imageUuid":"75f1ba9e-7ef7-5a5d-9174-73e116005093","isPaidAndBannersEnabled":false}ОфтопАгера ноуСиловики якобы требовали деньги или информацию об операциях даркнет-площадки.{"id":109696,"gtm":null}157 103 просмотровКрупнейшая площадка по торговле наркотиками в даркнете omg несколько месяцев предоставляла данные о продавцах и покупателях силовикам. Об этом сообщил человек с ником «Альдерамин», представившийся бывшим сооснователем omg.Информация, предоставленная анонимным источником, является недостоверной и проверяется редакцией.По словам «Альдерамина», с 2017 года «ОМГ» стала целью DDoS-атак: с создателями маркетплейса связался человек по фамилии Малевский. Сначала он требовал то удалить площадку, то заплатить выкуп до 300 тысяч долларов. После этого администраторам приказали информировать полицию о клиентах, продавцах и заказах.Как утверждает «Альдерамин», в месяц правоохранительным органам передавали от трёх до пяти аккаунтов магазинов. Главный администратор, по его словам, за пять месяцев слил около 50 аккаунтов втайне от остальных: в это время требования Малевского выросли до 600 тысяч долларов в месяц, и таким способом он гасил долг.Подумайте хорошо, стоит ли вам заказывать соли для ванн, если адрес закладки будет не только у вас, но и у силовиков? Вас примут 100%, будут пытать, избивать и запугивать вашу родню.«Альдерамин»Сейчас, как заявляет «Альдерамин», он якобы обладает всей базой omg с логинами и паролями и пока не знает, выложить её целиком или продать.«Альдерамин» в качестве доказательств владения базой предложил пользователям omg показать ему в Jabber свои логины от площадки — якобы он с помощью этой базы может в ответ прислать пользователю его же пароль. Однако логины пользователей могут использовать как для сопоставления со слитыми базами паролей, так и для их взлома их аккаунтов методом брутфорса.omg выполняет роль посредника между продавцами и покупателями. На площадке зарегистрировано 2,5 миллиона аккаунтов, 393 000 из которых совершили хотя бы одну покупку. Помимо наркотиков, на площадке можно купить поддельные купюры, хакерские услуги, фальшивые документы и другие запрещённые товары.{"contentId":109696,"count":0,"isReposted":false,"gtm":null}{"id":109696,"gtm":null}[{"id":1,"label":"Header, 100%x250: D","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["desktop"],"adfox_method":"createAdaptive","auto_reload":true,"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"pp":"g","ps":"cndo","p2":"ezfl"}},"distribution":"top-desktop"},{"id":2,"label":"Header, 1200x400\/600: M","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["phone"],"auto_reload":true,"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"pp":"g","ps":"cndo","p2":"ezfn"}},"distribution":"top-mobile"},{"id":4,"label":"Article Branding top","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["desktop"],"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"p1":"cfovy","p2":"glug"}}},{"id":5,"label":"300x600: D","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["desktop"],"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"pp":"g","ps":"cndo","p2":"ezfk"}},"distribution":"right-sidebar"},{"id":6,"label":"Above the Comments: D","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["desktop"],"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"pp":"h","ps":"cndo","p2":"ffyh"}},"distribution":"before-comments-desktop"},{"id":7,"label":"Above the Comments: M","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["desktop","tablet","phone"],"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"p1":"byswn","p2":"fjxb"}},"distribution":"before-comments-mobile"},{"id":12,"label":"Topbar button: D","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["desktop","tablet"],"auto_reload":true,"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"pp":"g","ps":"cndo","p2":"fdhx"}}},{"id":13,"label":"In Article: M","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["phone"],"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"pp":"h","ps":"cndo","p2":"flvn"}}},{"id":15,"label":"In-Feed Teaser: DM","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["desktop","tablet","phone"],"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"p1":"byudv","p2":"ftjf"}}},{"id":16,"label":"Topbar button: M","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["tablet","phone"],"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"p1":"ccydt","p2":"ftwx"}}},{"id":17,"label":"Stratum: D","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["desktop"],"auto_reload":true,"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"pp":"g","ps":"cndo","p2":"fzvb"}}},{"id":18,"label":"Stratum: M","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["tablet","phone"],"auto_reload":true,"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"pp":"g","ps":"cndo","p2":"fzvc"}}},{"id":19,"label":"Under the News Teaser: DM","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["desktop","tablet","phone"],"auto_reload":true,"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"p1":"cmtwf","p2":"gazs"}}},{"id":20,"label":"Leftbar button: D","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["desktop"],"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"p1":"chfbk","p2":"gnwc"}}},{"id":21,"label":"Header Microteaser: D","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["desktop"],"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"pp":"g","ps":"cndo","p2":"gtjk"}}},{"id":23,"label":"In Article: D","provider":"adfox","adaptive":["desktop"],"adfox":{"ownerId":228129,"params":{"pp":"g","ps":"cndo","p2":"hiig"}}}]{"token":"eyJpbnRlZ3JhdGlvbklkIjoiOWMxODhjZGQtMWM4NS00YmYzLWJmNmQtNDk5ZDE4NjdmOGNmIiwic2VjcmV0IjoiYzUwNzE4ZmEtZDUwMC00OTA1LWIzZDYtY2RlYmNhMzU3YjY0In0=","release":"cb8576b2"} null


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Ответьте на вопросы, употребите в ответе “вокруг… к + инфинитив”.
Muster: a) Wozu lesen Sie? (neue Informationen haben) — Ich lese, um neue Informationen zu haben, b) Wozu gehen Sie ins Labor? (Versuche durchfuhren). Ich gehe ins Labor, um Versuche durchzuführen.
1. Wozu schreiben Sie diesen Brief? (ihn nach Moskau schicken). 2. Wozu nehmen Sie dieses Wörterbuch? (den Fachtext übersetzen). 3. Wozu fahren Sie nach Sankt- Petersburg? (an der Konferenz teilnehmen). 4. Wozu lernen Sie Deutsch? (das Praktikum in Deutschland machen). 5. Wozu kaufen Sie diesen Fernseher? (abends femsehen). 6. Wozu sitzen Sie vor dem Computer? (im Internet surfen). 7. Wozu nehmen Sie Fahrstunden? (die Führerscheinprüfung ablegen).Guest71. Wozu schreiben Sie diesen Brief? (ihn nach Moskau schicken).
Ich schreibe diesen Brief, um ihn nach Moskau zu schicken.
2. Wozu nehmen Sie dieses Wörterbuch? (den Fachtext übersetzen).
Ich nehme dieses Wörterbuch, um den Fachtext zu übersetzen.
3. Wozu fahren Sie nach Sankt-Petersburg? (an der Konferenz teilnehmen).
Ich fahre nach Sankt-Petersburg, um an der Konferenz teilzunehmen.
4. Wozu lernen Sie Deutsch? (das Praktikum in Deutschland machen).
Ich lerne Deutsch, um das PraktiГость3.Айнс, цвай,драй, унд ду бист фрай.Айнс, цвай, драй фир,- ин ди шюле геен вир.Ин ди шюле коммен вир унд бекоммен фюнф унд фир.Переводы, наверное, не надобны)RIOLI­t2..оперделяется по формуле T=S/V, T=(10 в 4степени)/4=2500 минутИрина Г.7.

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